Our Elite Hot Wire Strip Heater is one of the most versatile and advanced strip heaters available.  It is available in four working lengths from 1220mm to 3050mm, with all machines capable of heating materials from 1mm to 25mm in thickness.  The ability to specify the number of heating beams required, from one to six, ensures that your Elite Strip Heater is configured to meet your exact requirements.

Heater Beams
The Heater Beam design is the core of the Elite range.  Each beam can accommodate up to four wires below and four wires above the material to be heated.  Wires are individually tensioned to ensure that they remain at a consistent distance from the material even on longer machines.  They are adjustable for spacing and distance from the material on the calibrated wire guides, and wires can be easily isolated if not required.

The Upper Beam is pneumatically operated, with a cycle timer built into the control of the machine.

Work Supports hold the material above the heating wires, these are adjustable in and out to provide further control of the heating characteristics.  The Elite heater beams have been carefully designed with no protrusions, so that beams can be brought right together with intermediate work supports removed.  This allows a wide heating trough to be created, ideal for heating very thick materials.

Power Packs

The base frame of the machine houses the low-voltage power packs that operate the heating wires.  Each Power Pack will operate up to 16 heating wires.  With a maximum of three power packs being able to be fitted to each machine, this means that up to 48 heating wires can be operated.  While the normal setup would be to have up to six heater beams and three Power Packs, with each Power Pack operating two beams, this can be tuned to specific applications upon request.

Rear Control

The machine is normally operated from the front only.  However the addition of the optional Rear Table allows the heater beams to be split, with some operated from the front and some from the rear.  This means that the machine can be used for two completely different jobs simultaneously, while being able to be brought back to single-user operation very quickly.

Slide Rails

All of the Heater Beams sit on slide rails, allowing them to be moved to  the correct position.  There are three lengths of slide rail available, 1220, 1850 and 2400mm

Beam Positioning System

The Heater Beams are secured to the slide rails using pneumatic clamps.  Panel mounted toggle switches select the beams that you wish to move, and then a handle on the side of the table is turned to perform the movement.  Calibration strips of either side of the machine aid the accurate positioning of the beams.  The left and right hand clamps of each heater beam are independently controlled, allowing the beam to be adjusted to be exactly parallel with the workstop.

Elite machines are fitted with 3.5in colour touchscreens to set the cycle time.  An audible alarm sounds while the heater beams are closing and again when the heating cycle is about to end.


Max Current

Maximum Working Length

Maximum Material Thickness


Dimensions (Packed)


400V 3 Phase

6-20 Amps per Phase

1220mm, 1850mm, 2490mm, 3050mm



Please Contact us for detailed information

Please Contact us for detailed information