Strip Heaters 500 & 920

Simple, robust and very easy to operate.  The 500 has a single tensioned heating wire and is suitable for materials up to 500mm in length and 5mm in thickness.  Ideal for folding most thermoplastic materials.  Calibrated guides perpendicular to the heating wire aid bend positioning.  A fixed guard ensures that there are no hot surfaces exposed to the operator.

Strip Heaters 600, 1000, 1500S

Simple to operate while being adaptable for different materials.  Twin heating wires below the material makes it suitable for items up to 6mm in thickness.  A calibrated work stop aids bend positioning, and a hinged guard incorporating a cut-out switch disconnects the heating wires while open.

Strip Heaters 600, 1000, 1500D

Twin heating wires above and below the material make these machines suitable for items up to 10mm in thickness.  A calibrated work stop aids bend positioning.   A hinged guard fitted with the upper heating wires incorporates cut-out switches to disconnect the heating wires while open.

Folding Jigs

Our range of simple but efficient Folding Jigs, ideal for positioning and supporting materials correctly after bending.

Strip Heater F600, 1000, 1500, 2000S

Flexible hot wire strip heaters that can be configured to your needs.  Up to four bends simultaneously, quick and easy to adjust and operate.

Strip Heater F600, 1000, 1500, 2000D

Flexible hot wire strip heater available in working lengths from 600 to 2000mm.  Suitable for heating materials up to 10mm in thickness, with double sided heating for speed and consistency.  This range can be configured with multiple heater beams allowing up to four folds simultaneously.  Bench mounted or freestanding.

Elite Range

Up to eight wires per bend allowing materials up to 25mm in thickness to be processed.  Working lengths from 1250 to 3000mm.  Up to six bends simultaneously.  Beam positioning system with handle and calibrated slides.

Elite Digital Range

Suitable for materials from 2 to 25mm in thickness, and 1250 to 3000mm in length.  Multiple, double-sided heating wires allow the user to change the bend characteristics.  Motorised beam positioning system with absolute encoders, memory recall and touchscreen control.