The R60 Sheet Press converts granulated thermoplastic material into a usable form using heat and high pressure. As standard, the formed article is a flat plastic sheet, which can typically be used for vacuum forming, laser cutting, line bending etc.  There are also tools available for making shaped parts, for example Frisbees, on the machine.


A removable material cassette is placed onto the loading roller track and filled with granules of the material to be pressed.  The cassette is manually pushed into the pressing position and clamped firmly between two temperature controlled aluminium hotplates. The heat and pressure causes the material granules to soften and fuse.

At the end of the pressing cycle, the material cassette is rolled out and allowed to cool. The formed panel of material can then be removed and used.  The R60 is a freestanding unit.


It is recommended that a Fume Extraction system is used with the R60, please contact us for more details on this.


The R60 can produce panels up to 600 x 600mm, in thicknesses from 4 to 35mm.  Please note that the size of the panel produced is determined by the sheet cassette that is used.  Sheet Cassettes can be manufactured to order.

For production use, the R60 can be accompanied by the R60W Cooling Press.  The combination of R60 Sheet Press and R60W Liquid Cooled Press ensures maximum productivity (typically one panel every 9 – 15 minutes) and also minimises energy consumption by allowing the Sheet Press to remain at operating temperature through the whole process.