The 300 Fluidised Bath is manufactured from powder coated steel.  The porous membrane in the floor of the bath allows low-pressure, high-volume air to be blown into the powder in the tank.  This aerates the powder, causing it to act like a liquid and allowing a pre-heated metal item to be dip coated in the powder.

The porous membranes in all of our Fluidised Baths come with a protective mesh in case a hot metal item is dropped in the Bath, and a lid to keep powder clean while the Bath is not in use.  It is suitable for use with a range of dipping powders, with the most common being LDPE, Nylon and PPA.

Maximum Object Size




270 x 270 x 350mm


300 x 300 x 500mm


300S.  Stand to hold 300 Fluidised Bath, 150 Fluidised Bath and 120 Blower Unit.  With large wheels and handle for ease of movement in the workshop.

150.  Smaller capacity Fluidised Bath that clamps on top of the 300.  Can be used for alternate colours or powder types, to save colour changes and allow smaller powder volumes to be used.