Variable Blower Unit 120

The 120 incorporates a high-flow, low-pressure blower which is ideal for use with our 300 and 150R Fluidised Baths.

300 Fluidised Bath

Our powder coated steel Fluidised Baths are designed to be filled with thermoplastic powder such as LDPE, Nylon or PPA.  Low-pressure, high-volume is injected into the bath through the porous membrane in the floor of the bath.  This aerates the powder, making it behave like a liquid, and allowing a pre-heated piece of metal to be dip coated in the powder.

150R Fluidised Bath

A powder coated steel fluidised bath which has a co-axial air inlet, allowing the powder to be aerated using the 120 Blower Unit, the Pressure Outlet from one of our Vacuum Forming Machines, or a suitably restricted compressed air supply.