The 280 has a fine heating wire capable of cutting expanded polystyrene materials up to 250mm in thickness.  Variable power to the wire is supplied from the low voltage transformer housed in the base of the machine.

Freehand shapes can be cut with ease, while the machine table also has grooves to accept the accessories supplied with each machine:


Parallel Guide

Protractor Guide for non-parallel cuts

Circle Cutter


These fences, in combination with the tilting wire of the machine, allow a wide variety of shapes to be created quickly and easily.

The freehand Sculptor Tool allows the user to create freehand sculptures quickly and easily.  The sculptor tool wire can be bent to the required shaped for gouging and channelling work.

A panel mounted selection switch is used to direct power to either the wire bow or the hand held sculptor tool.  The power regulator can then be used to control the cutting temperature.  Power to the heating wires is controlled by a foot pedal, minimising any fumes created by the cutting process.  The machine must always be used in a well ventilated area, but the foot pedal removes the need for dedicated extraction.


Max Current

Cutting Wire Length

Throat Depth

Wire Temperature




230 or 115V 50-60Hz

0.2 Amps (230V), 0.4 Amps (115V)



Infinitely variable using panel mounted control


840 x 500 x 240mm