The 650A Dome Blowing Unit consists of a spider base with adjustable clamps, onto which a rigid base is mounted.  The base has a heat-proof seal plate that perforations to allow air to be injected.  A sheet of thermoplastic material, normally cast acrylic, is heated in an oven to its softening temperature.  The material is transferred to the Dome Blowing Unit and is clamped into position.  Once the cycle is started air is blown under the material, blowing the dome into a uniform hemisphere.  An adjustable through-beam sensor controls the height of the dome, even when using clear materials.  At the end of the blowing cycle the completed dome can be unclamped and removed.

The 650A can be fitted with ring and base plate combinations to create any size of dome up to 600mm in diameter.

The unit is mounted on a stand with lockable castors, for ease of location in the workshop.  The 650A requires an external compressed air supply.