The 320 Dome Blowing Unit consists of a rigid base with a heat-proof seal plate that has perforations to allow air to be injected.  A sheet of thermoplastic material, normally cast acrylic, is heated in an oven to its softening temperature.  The material is transferred to the Dome Blowing Unit and is clamped into position.  Air is blown under the sheet using the control valve on the front panel, inflating the dome.  An adjustable height gauge assists the user to achieve consistent dome heights.  Once cooled, the dome is unclamped and is immediately ready to use.

The 320 requires an external air supply, this can come from a compressed air supply or the Pressure Outlet of one of our Vacuum Forming Machines.

The 320 is supplied with rings to make domes of 300, 225 and 150mm in diameter.