The EP8 has been painstakingly developed over a number of years to provide a robust and reliable production solution for 3D Vacuum Dye Transfer Printing.  This freestanding machine uses ANSI C (559 x 432mm) film, making it ideal for use with commonly available 17in rolls of transfer film.  The platen of the machine raises and lowers by 100mm, ensuring that even tall objects can be decorated with minimal image distortion and excellent transfer density.

The transfer cycle is fully automatic, with times and temperatures set on the machine control panel.  Time and temperature profiles can be named, stored and recalled as required, making it easy to set the machine for a wide variety of objects.

The heated table of the machine has steel sockets for the quick change and accurate registration of jig plates, while the film can be located either by punching location holes to fit over the serrated pins on the machine casing, or using film edge stops.





The EP8 was originally developed for the printing of laptop covers for a large global manufacturer.  Since then it has proved to be extremely adaptable, with applications including:

  • Mobile Phone covers, with eight iPhone 7 covers per cycle

  • Solid Resin Balls

  • Trays

  • Personal Care Products



Max Current

Film Size

Maximum Part Height


Dimensions (Packed)


230V 50-60Hz

25 Amps

559 x 432mm



700 x 1000 x 1450mm