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Industrial customers process high volumes of material, both plastics and metals.  As projects start, stop and change, they are often left with prime material that is no longer needed.  Due to storage constraints, this will normally eventually be discarded with other business waste, and more often than not will end up in landfill.

While the material may be of limited use in industry, for education it is ideal, as it is normally cut to panel sizes that are well suited for Design and Technology projects.

We have therefore formed links with some major UK fabricators, to supply this material to education.  Due to the nature of this concept, the materials available will change over time.

Current materials available are as follows:


4mm white foamex sheet 1000mm x 600mm

XX04600500PF 4mm extruded light purple frosted setasand acrylic sheet 600mm x 500mm
XC06296210C 6mm Clear Cast Acrylic 296mm x 210mm